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 메인보드 mini-itx (17x17cm)

 메인보드 SBC (3.5", 5.25")

 메인보드 SBC 기타 산업용

 주변장치 / 카드 (PCI, APG)

 카PC / 차량용 컴퓨터



 LCD 터치모니터

 LCD 패널

 AD보드 / 영상보드


 차량용 영상 시스템

 전원장치 / DC to DC

 기타 제품






현재위치 : 제품소개 》메인보드 mini-itx

전체보기 Mobile CPU | Desktop CPU | AMD | VIA | Built-in CPU |
 VIA : LV-603
Ultra compact board size with industrial standard Mini-ITX form factor at 170 x 170 mm or 6.7 x 6.7 inches of dimension
Powerful computing capacity with Intel Socket 370 Pentium-III / Celeron CPU up to 1.3 GHz at 133 MHz of FSB (Support Intel Tualatin CPU)
High memory capacity up to 512 MB PC133 SDRAM
Intel 815E GMCH built-in 3D/2D SVGA interface with dynamic video memory
Advanced UltraATA/100 IDE interface to enhance the system performance ...more
 VIA : LV-669 : VIA C7 processor with CN700 & VT8237R+
Mini-ITX VIA C7 Embedded Motherboard
VIA CN700 and VT8237R+ Chipset
Optional onboard 256 MB DDR SDRAM and one DDR DIMM up to 1 GB
Onboard VGA and optional LVDS or DVI interface
2 x Realtek  Gigabit LAN, 2 x SATA ports ...more
 VIA : LV-667 : VIA C3 & MPEG-4 Mini-ITX Motherboard
Mini-ITX Embedded Motherboard (170 x 170 mm) VIA CN400 with Embedded C3 1.0GHz CPU @ 133 MHz FSB Support 1GB DDR266/333/400 SDRAM Integrated VIA MPEG-4 Accelerator and integrated UniChrome™ 2D/3D graphics Onboard Dual LAN, Mini-AGP, SATA, 3 x IEEE1394,4 x COM ,CF Onboard AC97 Audio , CompactFlash Socket
Form Factor: Mini-ITX with 6.7 x 6.7 inches (17 x 17 cm) of dimension
Onboard embedded VIA C3 1.00GHz CPU. 
DRAM: 1 x 184-pin DDR266/333/400 SDRAM up to 1 GB . ...more
 VIA : LV-660
Embedded VIA Eden 533 MHz CPU
VIA/Trident Blade3D SVGA with 8MB VRAM
Onboard 10/100 Mbps LAN, AC97 3D Audio
Onboard AV/S-Video TV-out Interface
IDE-based DiskOnModule SSD Interface ...more
 VIA : P6F169
VIA CLE 266 Chipset
Integrated 128-bit 2D and 64-bit 3D Graphics
Support DDR Memory
Fanless Low Power Solution
Support AV Connect and S-Video ...more
 VIA : P6F172
=Key Feature=
VIA CLE266 Chipset
Integrated 128-bit 2D and 64-bit 3D Graphics
USB 2.0 * 8 Port
Support DDR Memory ...more
 VIA : P6F179
=Key Feature=
VIA CN400 Chipset
VIA VT8237R support RAID (optional)
Built-in VIA C3/Eden CPU
Support TV-out and S-Video ...more

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