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 메인보드 mini-itx (17x17cm)

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 카PC / 차량용 컴퓨터



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 전원장치 / DC to DC

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Full-size Slot PC : FS-97A : Intel® Pentium M Full-size PICMG CPU Card
Intel® Pentium M & Celeron M processor-based running
up to 2 GHz with Intel® 855GME & ICH4, 2 GB DDR SDRAM,
100 Mbps & Gigabit Ethernet port , 4 x USB 2.0, 2 x COM
1 x Printer Port, AC97 3D Audio, CompactFlash Interface,
8-bit Digital I/O, Mini-AGP socket, 24-bit LVDS


Form Factor

Full-size PICMG-bus CPU Card / Slot PC, Supports PICMG version 1.0   (Rev.  2.0) PCI version 2.0mpliant. ISA 64Ma high drive capacity with TI 245 buffer


Supports Intel Pentium M & Celeron M processors with FC-PGA 478-pin ( Intel Celeron M 4xx series can't support )


2 x 184 pin DDR DIMMs to support up to 2.0GB DDR266/333 SDRAM  Supports unbuffered ECC memory.


Intel 82855GME & ICH4

Watchdog Timer

256-level generates system reset programmable watchdog timer

Real Time Clock

Intel ICH4 integrated RTC with onboard lithium battery

Power Management

ACPI 1.0 compliant, supports power saving mode with ATX PSU, RTC alarm,  Software shutdown, Wake on LAN

PCI Enhanced IDE

Supports two IDE channels & up to four IDE drivers,   Supports “Ultra DMA 33/66/100”

VGA Interface

Intel 855GME GMCH built-in 256bit 2D/3D VGA controller,   Dynamic vedio memory up to 64MB, Supports one external D-sub 15-pin connector & one internal 2x8-pin header

LVDS Supports up to 24-bit Dual LVDS TFT LCD panel  Inverter connector on board

LAN Interface

On board Intel 82562ET to support 10/100 Ethernet LAN,   Optional Intel 82541PI 100/1000 Mbps on LAN2

Audio Interface

Intel ICH4 built-in AC97 3D audio controller with ALC201A, with CD in, Line in, Mic. In, Speaker out

Multi-I/O Port

1 Floppy connector, 1 Printer port, 2 RS232 port, 1 SIR connector, 4 USB 2.0

1 Y-type cable to support PS2 Keyboard & PS2 mouse, 1 AT keyboard


Mini AGP port

Provide the capable of driving an ADD card to support DVI, TV-out devices  Provide the capable of drive an Mini-AGP card to support AGP 8X/4X graphic  card

Solid State Disk

Onboard Compact Flash Type-II socket


+5V & +12V DC input from PICMG backplane ne AT 4-pin power connector,  Additional +12V on 4-pin connector for  Pentium 4 PSU Board Dimension: 338 x 122 mm (L x W) Operation Temperature: 0 ~ 60oC (32 ~ 140oF)
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Full-size PICMG Pentium M DDR CPU Card with 400 FSB,          IntelExtreme Graphics 2, Intel 10/100Mbps LAN, Audio, USB 2.0, Mini-AGP andCompactFlash Interface and ISA 64mA High Drive Capacity


Same as FS-97AVL but with secondary Giga LAN

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